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Privacy Legal

Technology Contracts and Agreements

Extensive commercial technology contract drafting, negotiations and advice including software agreements, use of smart contracts and blockchain technology, vendor contracts, IP licencing agreements, website disclaimers, terms and conditions, privacy policies, marketing consents and industry-specific contracts and agreements.

Privacy Legal

Data Protection Compliance Management

Comprehensive advice on compliance with privacy, data protection, information security, cybersecurity and digital currency laws including industry-specific privacy legislation and codes (healthcare, telecommunications etc), PCI DSS, GDPR, US data protection regimes and establishing privacy and data protection compliance and risk management programs.

Privacy Legal

Privacy Complaints and Breaches

Representations in proceedings and matters relating to enforcement of privacy, data protection, information security, cybersecurity and IP rights and claims, submissions to regulators, responding to privacy audits, developing, reviewing and updating data breach response plans and resolving disputes relating to personal information data breaches.

Why Privacy Legal?

At Privacy Legal, we focus on privacy laws and all aspects of privacy matters. We are one of the few law firms dedicated solely to privacy and data protection laws and as a result, we have built a team that is highly experienced in privacy and data protection laws and legal issues.

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Privacy breach is a major cost to businesses

Breach of privacy laws and legislation has been a major cause of complaints against businesses by customers and the public. In many cases, businesses compensate by offering refunds, credits and/or cash payments to individuals perceived to have been had their personal information leaked in some way or who have received unwanted marketing messages.

On the flip side, many small business owners have been “attacked” by customers and users through fake or unreasonable reviews, feedbacks and comments on social media and other public sites. Reviewing your legal documentation, privacy compliance management and business systems with Privacy Legal, specialist privacy and data protection law lawyers, could provide relief for your business.

The fact that these privacy issues occur regularly clearly highlights that privacy breaches can be a significant burden on business. It’s a matter that all businesses must address proactively.

What Our Clients Say

I recently engaged Privacy Legal to help negotiate a contract for software licensing. I received thorough advice on my rights and obligations under the contract, which was quite one-sided when I first received it from the other party. Privacy Legal negotiated on my behalf to achieve a great outcome which protected my interests as a software developer.

Eras M., Ascent Software Co

We turned to Privacy Legal due to fake and damaging reviews that were left on various review sites and we were at a loss at what to do because the reviews were destroying our brand. The team was excellent, very experienced and managed to have the reviews taken down almost immediately.

Peter C.

Privacy Legal is extremely professional and they work hard to achieve a successful outcome for you and your business. I highly recommend their service.

Mark H., CreMore Technologies

We recently engaged Privacy Legal to assist us with our privacy processes and privacy documentation. They were very responsive and took the time to understand our business. We got much more than what we thought we were going to get and at very affordable fees too.

Stephanie L., HealthDirect

What is Privacy Law?

When most people think about the law, they think about things like murder, theft, and assault. However, there is a whole other side to the law – the side that governs our personal lives. This branch of the law is called privacy law, and it deals with the ways that the government and other institutions can access our personal information.

There are a number of different issues that privacy law can deal with. For example, it can deal with the ways that the government can collect our personal information, such as through surveillance or by requesting our personal data from companies. It can also deal with the ways that the government can use our personal information, such as in background checks or immigration proceedings.

Privacy law can also deal with the ways that companies can collect and use our personal information. For example, companies may be able to collect our personal data for marketing purposes or to sell to other companies. They may also be able to share our personal information with the government or other third parties.

In Australia, the main legislation governing privacy rights and obligations of individuals, businesses and organisations is the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This law governs the ways that the federal government and applicable organisations can collect, use, and disclose our personal information. It also sets out a number of rights for individuals, such as the right to access their personal information and the right to have it corrected.

Each state and territory also have their own privacy laws. For example, the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) sets out the rules for how New South Wales government agencies can collect, use, and disclose our personal information. It also gives individuals the right to access their personal information and the right to complain if they have been wronged.

Privacy law is an important part of our personal lives. It helps to protect our personal information from being accessed or used without our consent. It also gives us a number of rights, such as the right to access our personal information and the right to complain if we have been wronged.

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